Mechanical and Electrical Design to Build the Future

At AST, we don’t believe in the word CAN’T. Our mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineers provide designs with practical know-how combined with progressive thinking. The result: extremely detailed, accurate engineering specialized to perform perfectly and suit each structure. This commitment to excellence and innovation has allowed us to serve with electrical and mechanical design solutions for the past 50 years.

Our History

AST started in 1966 with one founder, William J. LeBlanc, as a mechanical engineering firm. A few years later, electrical engineer David Assaf III joined AST, expanding our services to include electrical power, lighting, and communications. In 1980 Kirk Simoneaux joined the firm to expand its mechanical design capabilities. Just a few short years later, Christopher Tauzin added additional mechanical expertise. Then in 1993, electrical engineer (and current President), Michael Doyle joined the firm to further expand the electrical design department.  Jordan Fish, who joined the firm in 2007, became Partner to the firm in 2016 and is currently the firm Secretary and Treasurer.  Together, AST’s mechanical and electrical engineers work with architects to bring the visions of Baton Rouge’s most iconic buildings to life. Over the past 50 years, AST has worked in the heart of the city buildings, providing customized and integrated engineering solutions.

The same ideals that brought our founders and current partners together still embody AST today. Our mechanical and electrical engineers work together to create researched, detailed and comprehensive engineering plans. We adapt our plans to integrate with the architect’s vision for a building. And when we finish each project, you can trust that it’s done right.

Coordinated/Detailed MEP Design

We’re experts in the latest building and safety codes, and we’re always finding new ways to improve the sustainability of our designs. We follow sustainable design guidelines and ASHRAE Standards to create environmentally-friendly and functional plans. Our commitment to progressive thinking brings modernization and innovation to the MEP designs.

We utilize the latest software and technology to bring the best tools to each project. Our experienced operators use AutoCAD and Revit and other sophisticated software to turn engineering drawings into accurate, precise plans. We design each plan to aesthetically mesh with architectural plans, making the construction coordination process easier for our clients.

At AST, we can come in to partially-completed projects or failed projects and offer functional, cohesive engineering solutions. We can mold our plans to fit together with any existing building specifications. No job is too big, too messy or too complicated. At AST, we make buildings work.